Beginning Search engine optimization (SEO)

September 17, 2008

Beginning Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the large no of traffic to your website from search engines. There are millions of web sites on the Internet but all websites are not listed on the files page of search engine because of bad SEO.

Well! How would you make your website first page of any search engine?
I have gathered some important tips to make it easy and help you understand the process involved.

Page Title:

This is most important factor to be considered when optimizing your web page for the search engines. Because most of the search engines gives higher level importance or priorities to your title tags. So make sure your all page title tag which describes the content of your page as much as possible in the most descriptive way.

  • Page title must be length between 50- 80 chars including spaces.
  • Do not use any special characters.
  • Include only most important keyword.
  • Do not used list of keywords, search engine will suspect your title key words as spamming.
  • Do not repeat keywords in the page title.

<title>Creating  Title Tags for Search Engine Optimization.</title>

Meta Keywords:

Meta keywords are most important element of your website when a search engine indexes it. Try to place most important keywords in the first position with separated by comma (,).

  • Meta Keywords not to exceed 1024 chars including spaces and commas.
  • Try to manage important keywords appearing at the beginning.
  • Meta Keyword Tag should maintain all keywords appearing in the title tag which are related to your page.

<meta  name=”keywords” content=”SEO, Basic SEO, Top 10 SEO Tips “>

Meta Description:

Meta Description is also most important part of your website which is short description of what your web page contains. The META description also shows up in many search engine results as a summary of your site.

  • Meta Description not to exceed 250 chars – includes spaces and commas.
  • Try to accurately describe the page content in the Description Meta tag.
  • Try to description Meta tag with 3-4 important key words. Especially those which is used in title tag and page copy.

<meta name=” description ”  content=”I am a SEO Expert Search Engine Optimization Marketing Specialist”>

Optimize each page copy:

One of the most important things to understand is that each page has its own importance as well as value and has its own ranking potential and its own relevant keywords. It is best way to search engine optimization process. The each page copy must be visible main content of the page and should be presented, arranged in a logical and in a meaningful way.

  • For best SEO results your all page contents should contain 200 to 250 or more words.
  • Include all keywords and arrange them in logical and meaning full way.
  • Try to include title tag and Meta tag in the same page copy.

Anchor Text/ Hyperlink:

Anchor text/ Hyperlink is the word that are the link to another page or place within a page. Try to place as many descriptive text links in your homepage to other relevant pages in your site. Doing this can help you to improve your listing in the search engines.

  • Hyperlinks improve search engine listing.
  • Try to place most important keyword phrases inside the hyperlink itself.
  • Try to manage title of Hyperlink and used only 2-3 keywords.

<a  href=”Web-development-services.html” title=”We provide SEO”>SEO  Services</a>

Image ‘alt’ Attribute:

Most of the web sites contain images. So, it is important that you use the alt attribute on images and describe as much as possible about the image. This not only help index of your site better but also helps to that visitors who are visually impaired.

  • Try to use no more than 2-3 keywords.
  • Describe the image and don’t just list the keywords.
  • Use no more than 1-2 brief sentences to describe the image.

<img src=”my_image.jpg” alt=SEO Graph “>

Heading Tags:

Each page should have only one <H1>tag and as many as <H2>,<H3>… tags.

Paragraph Tags:

This is the content tag for all documents and you can place it as many as you need.

Best SEO HTML Tags are:

div, h1, h2…, p, ul, ol, li, a, label, etc…

Best SEO colors:

White, Gray, Black.

Design Problems:

I know due to the design problems on your site may not be listed in the search engines no matter how well you optimize and submit them. It could be because of common problems in usage of Frames, Dynamic URLs, Flash and JavaScript.

  • Make sure your website must be valid from w3c XHTML & CSS.
  • Try to minimize images and flash while making website design.
  • Do not use unnecessary JavaScript file or try to minimize it.

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