How To Enable JavaScript in a Web Browser?

Post Date: Aug 16 2008
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Due to the disable JavaScript Property in your browser the page can not open properly or functionally worked. No any functions of JavaScript are worked because of disable JavaScript property in your browser. So that purpose I found different browser having different process to enable or disable JavaScript in web browser.

How to enable javascript in IE 5/6/7, Netscape 4.8, Mozilla Firefox 1.0/1.5, Apply Safari 1.0.....

Reduce High CPU usage overload problem caused by MySql

Post Date: Feb 16 2009
Total Visit: 36954

In the recent years, many of us were facing the problem of "database overload" and "High CPU usage overload" problem. After a benchmark testing about this issue, I reach at point where I found, there were too many database connections, unnecessary queries execution and unnecessary HTTP request. So, Today I am really interested to share my little knowledge with you.

How to make your website load fast?

Post Date: Sep 23 2009
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The websites load faster is most important factors affecting its usability and make traffic in your website more and more... Today users are so lazy and they do want to wait for your website. Most of the Internet users will just skip a site altogether if it fails to load within a couple of seconds. Because of these problems you are losing visitors day by day.

Regular Expression Rule & Example

Post Date: Dec 12 2009
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The regular expression, as a pattern, can match all kinds of text strings helping your application validate, compare, compute, decide etc. It can do simple or very complex string manipulations. The list of possibilities is enormous when it comes to what you can achieve using regular expressions. You can take any phrase that starts with an "A" or any A - Z character and do various things with it. You can match phone numbers, email addresses, URL, credit card numbers, social security numbers, zip codes, states, cities.....(the list never ends). A huge script that is supposed to validate a user input and prepare it for SQL can be reduced to only one line with the help of preg_replace.

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